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PA290113A copy2MNI Sutera

MNI Sutera is Malaysian Newsprint Industries’ signature product whose name comes from the Malay language, meaning “Silk”. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers and has a smooth, soft texture which makes it one of the most popular materials in textile manufacturing.

Sutera paper is so named for its strength and grace that is commonly associated with silk. Together with its good opacity, these qualities make it suitable in meeting printers’ requirements.

Here at Malaysian Newsprint Industries, our experts have methodically crafted and refined the MNI Sutera to produce the optimum levels of printability and runnability. This consistent effort helps our Sutera paper meets even the most stringent requirements of newspaper publishers.

book123100% Recycled

At MNI, we stand firm in our belief in preserving the health of the environment, a belief that is
epitomized in our products.

Malaysian Newsprint Industries’ latest innovation is an environmental-friendly printing and writing paper that is made from 100% recycled paper. This gives it a naturally relaxing and soothing colour that will not hurt your eyes even under bright fluorescent light.